Bombers Schott

In the 1950s, a new generation of planes implies a review of  US Air Force pilot jackets, then equipped with either leather or sheep skin jackets.

A lightweight, warm, functional, ergonomic jacket perfectly adapted to the needs of the pilots in their cockpit is born, the MA-1 Bomber jacket

Its two original colors are explained by their function: in case of an emergency landing, khaki color blends into nature, while the orange lining is easily spotted by sea rescue teams.

In several decades, Schott has produced hundreds of thousands of Bombers, Flight Jackets and Bombardiers in both military and civilian fields.

The most famous of them all, the MA-1 Bomber jacket , has surpassed its origins and its first use to become an iconic piece of fashion that seduces both men and women.

Timeless, it continues to go through the ages and is constantly being revisited. It remains a must in the Schott collections.