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Team Vitality

Schott x Team Vitality

Discover the new Airforce bombers born from the collaboration between Schott and Team Vitality, one of the world leaders in esports.
Two bombers full of history accompanied by their pack of velcroes representing the Vitality universes and teams. The two models have in common a yellow lining which replaces the iconic orange lining and their collector look since they are produced in a limited edition.
Pioneers, crazy enough to throw themselves body and soul into an innovative sector that will revolutionize the 20th century and influence the whole world.
This is how the aviators, for whom this bomber was designed, were considered.
This is also how esports players who are revolutionizing the 21st century are viewed and for whom this bomber exists today.

Team Vitality
Team Vitality Team Vitality Team Vitality Team Vitality
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