Women's jackets and outerwear  - Schott NYC®

In the vast universe of women's attire, SCHOTT NYC® masterfully asserts its heritage and expertise, marrying versatility with elegance. The collection offers a refined assortment of women's jackets and outerwear, each echoing a timeless charm while resonating with contemporary trends.

Women's Bomber jackets and Parkas

A bomber jacket, iconic in its own right, exudes an aura of casual sophistication. The women's bombers by SCHOTT NYC® are tailored to perfection, balancing a snug fit with ample room for movement. Whether paired with jeans for a day out or draped over a dress for an evening rendezvous, it's a piece that guarantees a second glance.

On the other hand, parkas, renowned for their durability and warmth, have been a winter essential for decades. SCHOTT NYC®women's parkas are the epitome of this legacy. Marrying functionality with style, these parkas promise to shield from the cold while ensuring the wearer remains the cynosure of all eyes.

Women's Down Jackets

When the mercury dips, and the winds pick up their icy pace, a women's down jacket becomes an indispensable ally. SCHOTT NYC®'s rendition of this winter staple ensures warmth without compromising on style. Precision-stitched and high-quality, these jackets are a testimony to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and aesthetics.

For those seeking a unique blend of style and functionality, SCHOTT NYC® also offers sleeveless jackets. Ideal for transitional weather or layered looks, these jackets grant the wearer the freedom to experiment and redefine their style statement.

When it comes to women's jackets and outerwear, few can parallel the artistry and craftsmanship of SCHOTT NYC®. From bombers to parkas, down jackets to sleeveless variants, each piece is a masterstroke, a tribute to decades of sartorial excellence. For the modern woman who seeks a wardrobe that's both classic and contemporary, SCHOTT NYC® remains the ultimate destination. Dive into their exquisite collection and discover a world where style meets substance, and fashion finds its true meaning.

  1. Recycled Nylon CWU Bomber jacket
  2. Recycled Nylon CWU 90's fit Bomber jacket
  3. Recycled Nylon MA-1 bomber jacket
  4. Recycled Nylon MA-1 90's fit bomber jacket
  5. MA-1 bomber jacket
  6. 3-in-1 combo jacket