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When it comes to children's fashion, nothing beats the combination of style, durability, and comfort. At Schott NYC®, these qualities are impeccably intertwined to present an array of junior jackets and coats that not only provide protection against the elements but also make sure your young ones look chic and fashionable.

Junior Bombers and Down Jackets

Taking a hint from timeless adult designs, Schott NYC®’s junior bombers are the perfect fit for kids with a flair for fashion. The iconic design, characterized by its ribbed cuffs and zipped front, brings a touch of vintage charm while ensuring maximum comfort. These bombers are more than just jackets; they are an embodiment of style and tradition passed down through generations.

For colder days and winter outings, the junior down jacket is a must-have in every child's wardrobe. Made with the finest materials, these jackets promise to keep your child warm without compromising on style. The plush down filling ensures comfort, while the streamlined design guarantees a sleek appearance. Every stitch, zipper, and pocket is meticulously designed to offer both style and functionality.

Junior Coats

As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, the need for a durable and stylish junior coat becomes essential. Schott NYC® ensures that your child remains the center of attention, even in chilly weather. The junior coats are crafted to perfection, mirroring the same commitment to quality and design that the brand is renowned for. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a school event, or a weekend outing, these coats are designed to cater to every occasion.

Every junior coat in the collection boasts of superior craftsmanship. The materials used are carefully selected to ensure longevity, and the designs are tailored to echo the essence of youthfulness while maintaining a touch of sophistication. After all, why should adults have all the fun in fashion?

At Schott NYC®, the blend of tradition and innovation is evident in every piece of clothing. The junior range is no exception. By marrying classic designs with modern twists, the brand ensures that the young ones are always a step ahead in the fashion game. The array of junior jackets, bomber jackets, down jackets, and coats ensures that there is something for every child and every occasion.

Schott NYC® doesn't just dress your child; it adorns them with a legacy of style and elegance. By choosing Schott NYC® for your junior's outerwear needs, you are not just picking a piece of clothing; you are selecting an heirloom of fashion. Embrace the world of style, comfort, and timeless design for your young ones with Schott NYC®. Because every child deserves the best, both in terms of quality and style.

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