The Perfecto® jacket

In 1928, when Irving Schott made the first motorcycle jacket, no one could have predicted its long-term impact on the fashion industry as well as its incredible success among consumers of all stripes. Today, you don't have to be in a gang or ride a Harley-Davidson to wear black leather.

  • The Perfecto®, motorcycle jacket

    The first motorcycle jacket was made for “Beck Distributors”, Harley-Davidson distributors in Long Island, New York. It retailed for $ 5.50. Soon after, Irving Schott launched a line of motorcycle jackets under the brand name "Perfecto®". Since the early 1950s, only the “top” of Schott motorcycle jackets have carried the Perfecto® label.

    Irving's Cuban cigar,
    the Perfecto…

    Whether he was negotiating costs, chatting with his early sellers, or dealing with suppliers, Irving Schott always had his favorite Cuban cigar, the Perfecto, in his mouth. Like Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill and George Burns, the cigar became his favorite accessory.

  • In 1954, Marlon Brando

    The Perfecto® jacket appeared as a central prop in the cult film “The Wild Ones”, starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. The ever more frequent appearance of the jacket and its growing popularity actually led to lower sales! The Perfecto® jacket was banned in many schools because it was often associated with thugs!

    James Dean

    In 1955, when James Dean - a symbol of teenage rebellion - died in a car crash, sales exploded. His tragic death propelled the motorcycle jacket into fashion and re-energized Schott's sales.

  • Nowadays

    Today, the Perfecto® jacket continues to be the centerpiece of the Schott range for men and women, which now boasts over 150 hot products in a range of styles and varied leather skins, from lamb to goat. , without forgetting the horse. In 2018, the Perfecto® jacket celebrated its 90th birthday and has never looked so young!

  • The Perfecto® jacket by Schott NYC

    The only real Perfecto® jackets are those made by Schott NYC, and because of the history and pride behind our work, we stand up for our brand and intellectual property wherever possible. You can help us keep going. to protect the Perfecto® brand.

    If you see another company using the term for a jacket or any other type of clothing, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

    Thanks on behalf of the Schott family.

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  1. Vintage grained Perfecto® jacket mythical USA, cowhide leather
  2. Iconic laced Perfecto® jacket mythical USA, cowhide leather
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  4. Vintage Perfecto® jacket mythical USA, cowhide leather
  5. 70s Freedom Perfecto® jacket mythical USA, cowhide leather
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